Programs Submission Response: Eligibility

When revising a business file, changes to farms come over from farm records which is wonderful but when you click to update those changes you then have to reload every farm.  If a producer has 30 farms with several tracts and different shares you can see how much loading this is just to now add one or maybe two new farms to his operation.

The current software does remove farms that have been dropped; would it be possible to have it also add the picked up farms to a producer’s list of farms and then those farms can be edited for shares and such?  This could be done in a minute versus 10 to 15 minutes to reload the current information that was just taken out.  With all the system problems we have had these updates get almost to the end and then give us an error message or shut down and then it has to be started all over again.  This can be a frustrating process.

I agree that it is frustrating to feel like you are reloading something that should be or was already there only to get timed out.  This can be a prolific issue in counties that have smaller average farm sizes and where producers tend to pick up and drop farms every year.

The Business File Web-Based System is designed to update the Land Data from Farm Records when a Farm Operating Plan is revised with a:

  • “Land Only Change”
  • “Other Change” and click the “Refresh from Farm Records” link

If there are currently farms and/or Tracts associated with the producer (as an Operator, Owner or Other Tenant) and one of the above actions is performed and:

  • the producer has been removed as the Operator, Owner or Other Tenant in MIDAS/FRS, the farm and tract along with any leases recorded will be deleted when the user updates the Farm Operating Plan.
  • the farmland or cropland on any of the associated farms or tract has been updated in MIDAS/FRS, the farm and tract will be updated with the change to the farmland or cropland and leases will be deleted when the user updates the Farm Operating Plan.  This is to ensure leases are recorded correctly with the latest information provided from MIDAS/FRS.
  • a lease from or lease to was recorded with another producer that is no longer associated with the Farm or Tract, the farm and tract are not deleted when the user updates the Farm Operating Plan.  However, the lease must be revised or deleted by the user.
  • the producer is added to a farm and/or tract, the farm and tract is added to the farm operating plan

In addition, recently the Business File software was updated to provide the farmland and cropland in 100ths to be in sync with MIDAS/FRS.  We are not requiring all farm operating plans to be updated with this change. However, if a Farm Operating Plan is revised with a “Land Only Change” or “Other Change” and clicking “Refresh from Farm Records” link, if the farmland and/or cropland is changed due to the 100ths, the farm and tract will be updated with the change and leases will be deleted.  This is to ensure leases are recorded correctly using the farmland and cropland in 100ths.

Also, the business file system should not time out on a farm operating plan as long as the user does not step away for an extended period of time.  If the user is concerned that they will have many leases to update or record and may need to step away, the best approach would be to revise the farm operating plan with the “Other Changes” option, navigate to the Land Contributions and click the refresh from farm records link.  This approach will create an “Initiated” Farm Operating plan that the user can update over a more extended period of time.  Once the user has completed updating the leases, they will need to review the farm operating plan and enter the producer signature and COC determination dates on file for the producer.