Programs Submission Reponse: Records Management

I feel our filing systems are lacking continuity between programs and offices. There are several methods being used within each office and throughout the FSA staff.

This makes things difficult to pick up where others have left off when they retire, or move on to other jobs, or for jump team members that go into other offices/states to help. I continually see issues with this, and it slows the progress in an office significantly in all these circumstances.

For starters: Poll the county office personal to determine the easiest/ most efficient setup. 2: Update the 25-AS handbook accordingly. 3: Use a train the trainer method of assuring things are done properly. I would gladly volunteer to help in every step of this process.

National Chair Note: Notice AS-2291 was recently issued which noted “The records staff is reviewing current records management policies and procedures to update the file code guides and record schedules for programs in 2-AS and 25-AS. After this review has been completed a new consolidated handbook will replace both 2-AS and 25-AS and will be distributed to all FSA offices.” This has been a concern of membership for quite some time and submitted several times. The Programs Committee will continue to encourage the updated guidance be released timely.