Programs Submission Response: Acreage Reporting

A common issue occurs during acreage reporting certification that a field may get missed here or there, despite our best efforts to make sure all cropland is reported.  I realize that there is a message printed on the 578 that says “not all tracts/cropland have been reported” but at busy times this message may get overlooked.

Since ARPLC payments are not made until the end of the marketing year, these issues may not come to light until it’s time to make payments which could be a year or more later.  At that time, we could be dealing with late file certification and that usually involves collecting money from the producer.

Can a soft stop be built into CARS so that when the user loads the certification date a warning is displayed when not all cropland is reported on all the tracts?  This could be possibly be a colored, flashing warning sign which would draw our attention to it.  Then we could deal with the issue when the producer is still at the counter and not at a later date.

I am excited about this suggestion and think that it would be beneficial for several of the programs.

I am not sure that we can add flashing warning messages to our applications but we will look into it.  In the meantime, in addition to the message that is printed on the hardcopy 578,  CARS displays a running  total of reported cropland on most of the CARS screens, including the Certify by Farm screen (see below example).  The running total is not displayed on the Certify by Producer screen as this screen displays multiple Farms and Tracts associated with a producer.  CARS also provides a status report “Farms with Unreported Cropland” that can be generated as needed.