Programs Submission Response: ARC/PLC

Annual ARCPLC enrollment is scheduled to begin on December 1 of each year.  However many states have a November 15th deadline for small grains or hay.  Having enrollment begin on December 1 means that we just miss being able to enroll the producers who are coming into the office in November.  This means that the producer is likely to wait until the July reporting timeframe to complete his enrollment, which is a much busier time of year for us.

July is just a crazy time for us.  We used to spread the work between June and July, but with hay now being in November, we don’t see any June activity.   We’ve been looking for a way to spread out the workload in July already.  In my office we had just under 1000 farms on the July acreage reporting register last year, and that was with no DCP or ARCPLC.  This year we had a temp helping us with signup and acreage reporting and we still had over 1000 farms on the register and went into August with acreage reporting.

Allow ARCPLC enrollment to begin in October or November.  It would be easier to fit ARCPLC in November for those who had hay and ease up the work in July.  If allowing earlier signup would be something that could be considered then I think it would be greatly appreciated.

WDC is willing to look into moving the beginning enrollment date for ARCPLC up from December to maybe November.  This will allow producers who are making appointments in November to begin enrollment and to allow County Offices to manage workload.  Unfortunately, there is not enough time to enact these changes for the 2016 year.  However, they will endeavor to allow earlier enrollment in subsequent years.