Programs Submission Response: Acreage Reporting Fees

Newly eligible disaster counties whose producers may now benefit from LFP. Often these producers are new or haven’t participated in a while and so they didn’t report their acreage by the deadline. In one case, the total payment is around $120 so the $46 late-file fee for the acreage report is a significant chunk out of the payment. I’ve also heard that some states are waiving these fees while others are not, which leads to some confusion amongst offices and producers

What is hurting us right now is several counties on the western side of the state just triggered D3 and many, many livestock operations who do not normally file an acreage report did not report before the Nov 15, 2014 deadline. According to a reminder our state office put out today, those late-filing operations do not meet the new exception to waiving late file fee (2-CP , Amend 90, Page 2-19, last exception noted under sub par D – they don’t get a waiver because their reporting deadline was before Jan 1, 2015.) This is going to cause a lot of heartburn because many of those same producers will report their crops on farms that have only cropland acres to report and they can get fees waived on those farms but not on the farms that are primarily grazing/LFP acres.

Can you tell me if there is any thought to waiving fees for these producers?

Follow 2-CP regarding the current exception for waiving late file fees for 2015. Going forward we are following 2-CP rules and LFP applicants are expected to be aware of and adhere to acreage reporting deadlines. There currently aren’t any additional waivers under consideration beyond what is in the handbook.