Programs Submission Response: ARC/PLC Reports

ARCPLC reports show only farm numbers but not producer information.

Researching ARCPLC can be time consuming since offices often need to manually identify which producers are associated with the farms on various ARCPLC reports. CARS reports were recently updated to list both the farm number and the operator. While some individual farm contracts may have OW or OTs with shares, having the OP listed in ARCPLC reports also would greatly speed up the research in most cases.

List the OP name along with the farm number in ARCPLC reports.

This enhancement is on our list for ARC/PLC. I am not sure of a timeframe due to more pressing issues but we do hope to make this change on most reports. As an interim solution I would recommend using the ARCPLC reports with the MIDAS farm record reports made available in notice CM-774.  With a little cutting and pasting in Excel users can take the list from ARC/PLC and match it to the current producer data stored in MIDAS to get the names of all the OW, OP, and OTs as needed. I do realize this will leave a few gaps for prior years but should be a huge time savings compared to looking them all up one by one.