Programs Submission Response: Direct Deposit Notifications

Annual Notification to producers with a waiver is required during a very busy and hectic time of year.

Per. par. 23A of 63-FI annual notification to producers receiving a check must be done during July 1-July 15. In many states this is the busiest time of year due to crop reporting.

I suggest moving the notification window to another time of year. Sending it the beginning of August or September would allow time to receive and process updates prior to the October payment cycle.

FSA put out Notice FI-3250. This notice is waiving the requirement to send these letters until further notice. It also indicates that they are searching for alternate ways to notify the producers so that county offices won’t have that workload. Obviously if we don’t have to conduct this activity at all then we won’t be asked to do it during peak times in the future. I will monitor this for 2016 and if necessary work with WDC to reissue the notice or update the handbook.