Programs Submission Response: ARC/PLC

Calculating HIP and Notifying Producers, National Notice ARCPLC-25 notified county offices that the Historical Irrigated Percentage was potentially incorrect or missing completely if the farm is not currently constituted the same as it was during the 4 year period of 2009 and 2012. There would also be missing data if a 2013 or 2014 reconstitution had been completed. County offices were instructed to research and find missing P&CP acreages for the farms listed on the Missing HIP Report that were reconstituted in 2013 and/or 2014 where HIP was not calculated. Once researched, the COF will load the manually calculated HIP into FRS for 2014 and into MIDAS for 2015 for each applicable crop. Once completed the COF is instructed to issue new Base and Yield reports to all producers on the farm.

For some county offices this includes multiple crops and producers on several hundred farms. This is adding a tremendous workload on these counties, especially if they have triggered for FY-2014 payments on either the irrigated guarantee or the non-irrigated guarantee. Preparing the new base and yield notifications for several hundred producers will be challenging.

Once the missing data is researched and the manually calculated HIP is loaded in FRS or MIDAS, run a batch process to produce base and yield notifications like we did during the initial phase of ARCPLC implementation.

I am excited about this suggestion and think that it would be beneficial for several of the programs.

They are making a change in MIDAS to add the HIP% to the 476, this will allow the COF to reprint the 476 after the HIP is updated and prevent them from typing the letter.   It’s scheduled to go out concurrently with Release 2.10 which is currently targeted for mid- to Late-March delivery to production.

I think this addresses the concern going forward.