Programs Submission Response: MIDAS

An office indicated that they haven’t had a MIDAS Death Master worklist item in several months.  They are aware of producers who have deceased and were wondering if there is a problem in the downloads. It may be that the Social Security folks haven’t been informed of those particular individuals.

I know the CO can manually record individual deaths in MIDAS, but I wanted to follow up just in case there was something larger going on that needed following up on.

The Death Master file has been “on hold” for 3 weeks because we are transitioning from a 3rd party data source, to getting the data directly from SSA. Once the SSA data source is flowing, you may see a large number of workflows come thru. An IB will be issued when that occurs, as an FYI to COFs.

However, if you haven’t had any come through for months (rather than 3 weeks), it’s just likely that those customers haven’t been reported via that 3rd party data source to FSA. The main reason for getting the data directly from SSA is to cut down on the lag time it takes us to get the DOD updates.