Programs Submission Response: Farm Records Reports

We currently have no way to print a current list of operators for the county. The excel document that we have in the geodata file is two months old.

When the System 36 was in place we were able to run multiple reports. One would list current operators, the farms they were associated with, and what their relationship was, whether it was OW, OP or OT. We could also run a complete report of owners and operators, run labels, etc.

We need an up-to-date way of running reports with this information, not something that is outdated, with incorrect information. Labels should also be up-to-date on the day we run the report so that it reflects address changes. Sending stuff off with incorrect addresses costs the agency valuable money.

This was a report that was requested in the Top Ten report that was submitted to DAFP. It has partially been addressed in CM-779 with a provided database that can be sorted and used for labels.  However, this database is not updated in real time. WDC is aware of our need for this report. Most recently the need to “improve reporting and access to reports (Datamart) was listed as a priority following the IT Steering Committee. NASCOE will continue to encourage WDC to provide efficient and current reporting information such as the list of operators for the county.