Programs Submission Response: Common Payment Reports

The nonpayment report (found in Common Payment Reports) only lists one reason at a time for the nonpayment at a time. Once that reason is fixed it takes a day for the report to populate any other reasons that are affecting the payment from being issued.

There are several instances when a producer is missing several forms or has multiple issues which are preventing the payment from being issued. As a result, when the producer submits the form as stated on the nonpayment report then the next day the next reason will populate on the report which can cause multiple trips for the producer and a potential delay in payments.

Can the report be updated to list all reasons at the same time?

Due to the way payments are processed, the current version of the Nonpayment Report is unable to provide all reasons for nonpayment at one time. This has to due mainly with the Direct Attribution processing. 

WDC did inform us that they are currently working on a report that will show all bad eligibility values, similar to a Prepayment Report, that would be available year round. This enhanced version could possibly be available next year.