Programs Submission Response: Business File Enhancement

Each time a new business plan (CCC-902) is filed the County Office is required to notify the participants of the payment limitation determination (determination letters) according to 5-PL, Par. 371, 4-PL Par. 245, and 1-PL Par. 468.

Manually typing each of these letters are tedious and timely. Many COR review findings have resulted due to minimal errors.

Automate the letters from the web based subsidiary files. Information from the Business File can populate the “canned” required letter, thus saving County Office’s hours of time.

WDC will take the recommendation under consideration to automate the notification letters in the business file system. This suggestion is one of many enhancements they would like to complete (including automating the CCC-903 for Payment Limitation Determinations). Due to budget constraints and resources it may be a while before the enhancements can implemented.