Programs Submission Response: COC Voter Eligibility

COC elections and voter eligibility is becoming an increasingly more area of focus for FSA. Eligibility and elections are important to how FSA operates.

Currently, when producers are added into BP, the COF user must also access COC Elections software to update their voting eligibility and LAA flags. Essentially this means doing the process twice.

Likewise, when a producer now longer is eligible to vote or deceased, elections software must be access separately from BP to remove voting eligibility flags.

Incorporate an Elections tab into BP with the required fields of LAA and voter eligibility flags. This should flow (behind the scenes) into COC Elections software, removing the requirement for a 2 software process to properly add customers.

Once a date of death is confirmed in MIDAS it would also remove the eligible flag in BP and flow over to the COC Elections software.

Incorporating the COC Election software into MIDAS has been suggested previously.  While WDC has indicated the removal of the COC Election Software entirely is unlikely in the near future, perhaps some of the fields could be automated/synced with MIDAS.

This is on our list of future enhancements and will be prioritized along with all of the other enhancement requests.