Programs Submission Response: ARC/PLC Prepayment Report

There is a need for an ARCPLC Prepayment Report for 2015 and future years.

It is understood that ARCPLC does not have a guaranteed payment each year. However, it would be very beneficial to have access to some type of report prior to payment time that shows eligibility flags for a person/entity that would prohibit a payment being made timely. This would also reduce the number of producers who would show up on a nonpayment report.

Provide counties with access to a report that shows producer/entity with a share that is missing an eligibility flag prior to payments being announced and issued.

WDC Specialist stated that requirements have been completed and a report is scheduled to be available for the FY 2016 payment run. Unfortunately, the resources could not be allocated in time for the FY 2015 payment run.