Programs Submission Response: Subsidiary Software Enhancement

Subsidiary eligibility YEAR selection

When entering records into the Eligibility section of the Subsidiary web site, the only way you know which year you are in is to scroll up to the top of the page, select a particular year and click GO. There are several sections on this page and it’s easy to lose track of which program year you are working in when you have multiple years that require entries. 

Would it be possible to use a floating year designation so the applicable year shows on the side of the screen as you scroll up and down through the sections?

Or to “freeze” the customer block portion of the record at the top so that the year and customer information stays visible as you scroll through other entries?

We will take the recommendation under consideration and discuss with our development team the ability to display the customer information as the user scrolls through the screen or clicks on specific determinations in the Eligibility web based system. Due to budget and resources, I do not have a time frame when the request will be completed.