Programs Submission Response: Business Partner Enhancement

MIDAS Business Partner-Representative Capacity  “In-Creation” records

When reviewing the Representative Capacity record in MIDAS it’s easy to overlook an “In Creation” status. If pending records in creation were easier to identify this would help in reducing errors.

If the words “In Creation” were in a RED font on the Representative Capacity tab it would be easier to identify those particular records.

We will work with the CRM/Business Partner development team to discuss options. Red font would likely not be 508 compliant, but there may be alternatives that are. If there are users that are still having difficulty identifying Active vs. In Creation entries, we will find a solution to make them stand out more.  We appreciate the suggestion, I will follow up with you when I have a proposed solution.

MIDAS Development team was able to include an enhancement for this issue in the MIDAS 2.16 Release, this past weekend (OCT 15-16/2016). The full details of the release are covered in Web Transmittal 492. In Representative Capacity, the Status column will be sorted in descending order so that ‘In Creation’ entries will be displayed at the top, followed by ‘Active’ entries. This should help field offices quickly and accurately identify the current status of the RepCaps.