Programs Submission Response: MIDAS GIS Enhancement


After selecting Save and Sync in MIDAS following a CLU revision, the zoom resets to the farm level, requiring the user to select the tract again, then pan and zoom back to the area of interest in which they were working

After Save and Sync is selected in MIDAS, it would be beneficial for the GIS screen to return to the most recent view. If the user wants to then return to the whole farm view instead, it would simply require the user to click once on the farm level in the menu, which would be far more efficient than the current method.

Returning to the farm level following a save and sync and the need to select the tract again and then zoom and pan back to the specific area of interest are documented pain points in the current CRM Farm Records design. As planning for future enhancements and alternative approaches for farm records functionality take place, elimination of these pain points is at the forefront of considerations.

Under the current design at the time GIS edits are saved and passed to CRM the GIS layers visible to the user change. This change occurs because the software switches from edit mode to display mode. When this change in modes occurs, the system resets GIS display and zoom settings to pre-established default values. Additional logic must be added to the software in order to maintain the specific location and zoom scale that existed at the time GIS edits are saved and synced. It is expected that this improved logic will be included as part of a larger plan to redesign GIS and Farm Records.