Programs Submission Response: COC Election Software

COC Elections Applications for deceased producers

When the report of producers not associated with an LAA was generated it came to our attention that several of those producers were deceased. When you try to mark deceased in the Producer Election Data file it forces you to put them in an LAA. In the past this wasn’t a requirement.

There is no need to put them in an LAA if they are deceased. Please remove that requirement from the software if possible.

COC software is old and has not had any outward facing work done due to budgetary constraints. It was hoped that enhancements would be worked into a MIDAS release in BP but this will not be happening. We have, however, completed some “backdoor” work to the software that was within the budget that we feel was beneficial to the field. With these enhancements hopefully COFs will have less phone calls from disgruntled producers and fewer returned ballots with the software taking out inactive producers and deceased producers. 

New Enhancements to COC Election Software

  1. The Election software will now check the deceased flag in SCIMS and the name will automatically be dropped from the Eligible voter list without employee action.
  2. A new extract option has been added to help with LAA mailings if needed since we no longer have queries from the System 36.
    NEW as of 7/11/16 we have added race, gender and ethnicity to this report.

    From COC Election home page select “County Election Reports”

    Select Eligible Voter Mailing List and the COC and LAA you need the report for

    Select “Extract Addresses to CSV”

    A CSV file will open and a message will appear at the bottom of the screen. Select “Save As” and save it to a place to retrieve the file later

    Open a blank Excel document and select the “Data” tab and then “From Text” and find the file you saved from the previous step

    Select the following outlined boxes to complete the import to Excel





    The report is now in a workable type format in Excel for mail merge, printing labels, etc.

    Note: Remember producer addresses, race, gender, and ethnicity are PII and this report should only be used internally.