Programs Submission Response: CCMS Software Enhancement

No current report to list contracts currently in revision status in CCMS.

We have many options for reports in CCMS.  One of the reports still needed is a report on contracts “In Revision” status. We can print reports for contracts that are “Active”, “Expired”, “Terminated”, “Revised”, “Divided”, and “Transferred”, but we do not have a report for the contracts that are in the process of a revision.

Please add to the available reports in CCMS a report for contracts in revision status.

Thank you for the suggestion. I agree with your idea and will work to add it to a future enhancement. Until the time we can get a report added  users do have the ability to search by the revision status from the search contract screen. These searches will provide offices with all the contracts that fall under each revision status. I know this is not as nice as a full report but it does provide offices with the ability to identify contracts “In Revision”.