Programs Submission Response: Business File Enhancement

Business File records were given the ability to “copy” the 902 recorded data to prior years. Why are COFs not given the ability to “copy” the records forward?

The CCC-902 form is continuous until a revision occurs in the farming operation. Since payments are issued in subsequent fiscal years, the record must be reloaded manually to the next year, or payments will not trigger. If the COF is making a new determination for 2015, for example, they must wait until the 903 is approved so all dates may be loaded and the Business File record reflects “determined”. They must then reload 2016 and 2017 information.

If COFs had the ability to “copy” data to subsequent years, it would greatly enhance efficiency in issuing program benefits. It would also align the software with program procedure, which specifies these determinations as ongoing. The time this improvement would save would be immeasurable.

We agree the ability to copy a farm operating plan approved in a prior year after rollover occurs forward to the subsequent year is a great suggestion. This suggestion will be added to the list of enhancements that we would like to complete but it may be a while before we can implement the change due to resource and budget constraints. In the meantime, advise county offices to continue recording a new farm operating plan in the subsequent year based on the documentation on file when the previous year plan did not roll forward because approval was not obtained prior to rollover.