Programs Submission Response: CCC-505 and CCC-517 Tools Enhancements

CCC-505 tool, ‘Complete/Print’ button reminder. Selecting the ‘Complete/Print’ button sends a workflow to the CED, who should not execute decision until verifying that all signatures have been obtained. Why not change it so that the form can be printed at the “Save as Draft” option?

Some COFs are doing manual forms to get signatures and thus doing dual duty to ensure that everything is obtained before the CED approves in MIDAS. Having the print option at the draft level would ensure that we have a form, without having to do a manual, to get the signatures, but it wouldn’t be put on the CED’s worklist for approval until after the signatures are obtained and the PT goes back in and clicks “Complete/Print.”

Either change the “Save as Draft” option to “Save as Draft and Print” or add a “Print 505” option separate from “Complete/Print.”

This suggestion is not being submitted as a future enhancement. Through the automated CCC-505 process, the form cannot be printed until the base acreage reduction request has been submitted for approval in the system.  This ensures that the reduction request submitted for approval matches the form printed for signatures. The concern with allowing the form to be printed as a draft is that the producer could sign the draft form, but changes to the base reduction data in the system could be completed (after it is printed) and then submitted and approved. In this instance the signed CCC-505 does not match the approved reductions.   

Currently the CCC-517 form prints only the information for base acres that are being proposed for a change when completing the form through MIDAS.

When more than one base is present on a tract, this can be confusing for a producer to see only the base acres that are being revised.

Having all bases print on the CCC-517 would be less confusing for producers. This would let them see all the bases that are still present on the tract of land, and not just list the base that is being revised. Would this revision be possible?

Thank you for this suggestion. With the current design of the automated CCC-517 process, all base crops are available as an option to redistribute within the wizard. It is only when the redistribution request is submitted and the form is available to be printed, that the base crops not involved in the redistribution are omitted from the form. It is believed this would be a minor change to the application to include all crops on the printed CCC-517 form. This suggestion will be submitted as a future enhancement for management to prioritize.