Programs Submission Response: MIDAS KFC Requests

Business Partner-KFC requests to inactivate producer record.

Producer record inactivation requests must be submitted to the STO specialist in charge of Common Management for process through MIDAS BP. Producer inactivations include both those who have social security and/or entity ID numbers established with IRS and producers who do not receive any payments and are assigned a temporary ID number by MIDAS.

Producer inactivations for those with temporary ID numbers could be taken care of at the county office level. The potential for overpayments due to inactivation does not exist since these producers have not received payment. This would result in STO specialist time being spent on more important issues and result in cost savings.

We cannot implement the proposed solution, for the following reasons.

Handbook 1-CM (Rev. 3) subparagraph 177 B defines a long list of criteria that must be met prior to inactivating a customer. The criteria is not limited to non-receipt of payment.

Temporary IDs are not permitted, but the customer can have “No Tax ID” recorded.  Customers with “No Tax ID”:

  • Can be recorded in BP as a Farm Loan Customer
  • Can be recorded in BP as an NRCS Customer
  • Can be recorded on a Farm

Even if the customer did not have any payments issued to him, if any of the above criteria are true, or any others defined in subparagraph 177 B, the customer record CANNOT be inactivated. It is for this reason that it is critical for the Business Partner State Security Officer (SSO) to review and approve all requests to Inactivate a customer record.

The inactivation request process was not automated in SCIMS, even though the provisions were the same. COFs were required to email or call the STO to request an inactivation. In CRM, the KFC Request workflow was designed as a process improvement to streamline and expedite those requests.