Programs Submission Response: CCC-527

Use of active form CCC-527 (03-24-09) is found in 3-PL, paragraphs 3, 4, and 132. However, instruction for completion of form CCC-527 is not found in any active FSA Handbooks. 

Instruction is not found in active handbooks.

Amend current PL Handbook with instruction and procedure for completion and use of form. 

The occasion and necessity for the faxing of subsidiary information and payment eligibility documentation between offices greatly diminished with the implementation of the web based subsidiary system and the availability of e-mail (Outlook). The CCC-527 is now essentially used only as a tool by offices to make adjustments to the available payment limitation amounts for multi-county producers.

The instructions for form CCC-527 were provided in handbook 2-PL. When 3-PL was originally published, the instructions were not included. A forthcoming amendment to 3-PL (Rev. 2) will include the Instructions.