Programs Submission Response: Dollar Transactions in WebTA 4.2

For local travel reimbursement, the process by policy is to complete AD 616 and after approval of the manual form, forward to timekeeper to load into webTA to then be approved in the web based system. 

With the release of WebTA 4.2, employees have the capability of loading their own travel dollar transaction requests.

Since an employee has the ability to load their own dollar transactions for travel, why not let the employee load their own information from the approved manual AD 616 and eliminate the step to forward to the timekeeper to enter the information. The process for Concur is understood for second party, but local travel should not require the timekeeper to enter the information. This only provides the possibility of delay in reimbursement.

OBF has been working on this issue and agrees with the recommendation to streamline the dollar transaction in WebTA 4.2. The OBF team has come up with a streamlined approach which in effect gets rid of the several step processes, manual and then in WebTA as well as it touching several hands. You should see these changes to the system in the very near future.