Programs Submission Response: Measurements in MIDAS

When measuring lines in MIDAS with the measurement tool, the lines disappear when measuring multiple lines. They do not stay on the screen.

It makes it hard to have a guideline for a split when the measure line disappears.

Suggestion would be to be able to keep each line on the screen until an “erase all” or “delete measurements” icon was selected. This way multiple measurements could be made and used for splits.

You are correct that the measurement service tool available from the General GIS Toolbar in CRM does have limitations. As you stated, the user is limited to only a single measurement session at a time. We can look into adding additional functionality to the measurement service tool, though this enhancement will be subject to prioritization and funding.

 In the meantime, I want to make sure that users are aware of the existing functionality of the measurement service tool. Users can draw out multiple measured boundaries as long as the segments measured are connected and drawn in a single measurement service session. The measurement service graphics will also stay on the screen so users can use them as reference when delineating a field with the drawing tools as long as the user was in an Edit mode prior to drawing the measurement service. Additional functionality includes the ability to “snap” to the measurement service graphics while delineating the permanent boundary using the regular snapping functions (Holding the control-key and clicking on a vertex of the measurement service boundary).

Below is an example of measurement service using the Draw Polygon option:

midas example

I am in an Edit mode. The Draw Polygon tool was used to measure a new area. The length/distance of each segment of the measurement service is labeled on the screen. Once I select the field that the measurement service is within (and zoom to the correct extent), the GIS editing tools become active and the measurement service stays on the screen. The new boundary can be delineated and the snapping function can be used to snap the new boundary to the measurement service graphic. The measurement service graphic will stay on the screen until a Save and Sync is completed.