Programs Submission Response: Corn Intended Use Policy

Corn silage acreage must be loaded as forage for FSA and then for ACRSI we must clarify the intended use to silage.

Many years ago the RMA crop information screen used corn silage before it was switched to forage. Since there are thousands of corn silage fields in the country, is there any thought to switching back to silage so COFs don’t have to address a silage field every time it is loaded in a crop report?

Amend handbook 2-CP and CARS so that all corn silage acres are loaded as corn silage, not corn forage or have the ability to load a default that addressed the RMA intended use. At one time FSA did report as silage.

Submit your request to add SG as a valid intended use for corn according to 2-CP, subparagraph 41 B.