Programs Submission Response: NAP Notice of Loss

The NAP Notice of Loss should provide a total of the “Disaster Affected Planted Acres”. 

At payment time, the notice of loss is matched to the producer print to verify acreage. Employee must manually total the notice of loss to accomplish this task.

The form does a great job of providing the FSN, unit number and acreage. In order for it to be easily matched to the producer print, add a line for TOTAL of DISASTER AFFECTED PLANTED ACRES.

We have discussed this issue at the national level. We contend that Item 8D could potentially have the same acreage affected numerous times for difference disaster events. We realize that this item is not currently being totaled since that could result in the disaster affected acres exceeding the reported acres. Form CCC-576 is a multiple program form and is not necessarily being used strictly for NAP. As a division and team, we will propose to review this form under the next Farm Bill or if budget would allow for modifications during this current Farm Bill. If the form is revised it would have to meet the criteria of all other programs currently utilizing the information contained on the form as well as comply with the Information Collection Package as authorized by OMB under the Paperwork Reduction Act.