2017/2018 Candidacy Announcements

Please read the following candidacy announcements for 2017/2018 NASCOE leadership positions. Elections will be held at the 2017 NASCOE Convention in St. Charles, MO.

Dennis Ray, MO
Candidacy Announcement_Ray

Vice President
Brandon Wilson, KS
Candidacy Announcement_Wilson

Marcinda Kester, FL
Candidacy Announcement_Kester
Tammy Eibey, IA
Candidacy Announcement_Eibey

Curt Houk, IA
Candidacy Announcement_Houk

Midwest Area
Exec: Chris Hare, IN
Candidacy Announcement_Hare
Alt Exec: Jackson Jones, MO
Candidacy Announcement_Jones

Northeast Area
Exec: Rick Csutoras, PA
Candidacy Announcement_Csutoras
Alt Exec: Lawrence Parker, VT
Candidacy Announcement_Parker

Northwest Area
Exec: Jessi Colgrove, NE
Candidacy Announcement_Colgrove

Southeast Area
Exec: Mike Mayfield, TN
Candidacy Announcement_Mayfield
Alt Exec: Dawn Ovesen, KY
Candidacy Announcement_Ovesen

Southwest Area
Exec: Jay Goff, OK
Candidacy Announcement_Goff
Alt Exec: Kristal Jackson, TX
Candidacy Announcement_Jackson