Programs Submission Response: Updating 902 Land Contributions

Updating the 902 Land Contributions when a producer needs to revise his/her Farm Operating Plan

It is very time consuming to select each:   *Farm Number *Tract Number *Owner Name * Farmland or Cropland *whether or not they farmed it last year Yes/No *Acres

It would be much more efficient to be able to have an option to “select all” above each column so we could uncheck the ones not needed.

We agree the option to select “All Tracts” would be beneficial when recording leases. I will add this suggestion to the list of enhancements that we would like to complete but it may be a while before we can implement the change due to resource and budget constraints. 

However, the option to “select all” for the Type of Acres, Land Interest the same as last year question and Name, we intentionally default the type of acres and land interest question to empty to force a selection and if there are multiple producers with relationship to the tract, the producers with the lease to or lease from must be selected. These fields should be reviewed and entered independently for each tract to ensure the information selected is accurate. In addition, for the Name, it is very possible different tracts have different customers related to the tract so the ability to “select all” cannot be used.