Programs Submission Response: Producer Dashboard

Often a producer will come into the county office during the busiest time of the year (crop reporting) with the intention of taking care of the whole year’s business in one office visit. It is very easy to miss something the producer needs to sign or complete in that office visit. Consequently, the producer will have to make at least one, and sometimes two return visits to the County Office.

With the tools we currently have available, and the deadlines we rush to meet, it is unrealistic to believe a COE can and will catch everything a producer needs to complete for a year during the middle or end of crop reporting.

To increase efficiency, if farm programs  could offer a dashboard by producer, this would be a very valuable tool. The dashboard could reflect all farms the producer is associated with, all ARC/PLC contracts the producer is associated with, all subsidiary paperwork needed for the FY, the producer’s direct deposit information, CRP contracts on the farms the producer is associated with, as well as any management still due on that CRP contract. And added enhancement could be that items completed show green, and items that need immediate attention would be red.

We are going to add this recommendation to our list of future enhancements.