Programs Submission Response: COC Election LAA Detail

In a Farm Loan team HDQ many producers are added to MIDAS Business Partner that are borrowers only, and not a producer that is eligible to vote in COC elections in this HDQ service Center.

These producers who do not need an LAA assigned will show up on reports with the appearance they need to have an LAA assigned. This takes much time to research.

On the screen “COC/LAA Election Detail” add an entry in the “Reason for Ineligibility” to the effect of PRODUCER IS FLP ONLY. Once the producer is flagged with this entry, the COF will not have to research again this same producer in another election year.

This request has been to our developers and I was told a new line can be added to the “reason for Ineligibility” field. This new line not a high priority so I was given a very wide date range of when this might occur. After adding the line and testing, it can happen anywhere from this week to a few months.  I will let the STO POC know once it has been added. It will also be added to the handbook amendment I am working on.