Programs Submission Response: MIDAS Farm Records with CRP Revisions

CCMS can read MIDAS to tell if a producer is still active or if a farm or tract number has changed.

Why can’t MIDAS read CCMS when a revision is completed and update the contract numbers in MIDAS automatically?

If we enter field numbers, farm and tract numbers and practices in CCMS, why can’t MIDAS read that information and automatically update it at the farm/tract/field level?
It would make the revision process much more efficient if that information carried over automatically.

Interface software further to reflect contract revisions automatically updating in MIDAS from CCMS.

We fully agree with your suggestion. However, there are a lot of technical hurdles that make this very difficult to accomplish. At this point CCMS does not have any direct communication with MIDAS in either direction. CCMS currently reads from the web farm records system to determine that a farm/tract/producer is no longer active and not from MIDAS.

This enhancement is on our list of items that we know needs to be done but we cannot comment on the timeframe due to the technical complications.