Programs Submission Response: LFP Animal Units

Incorrect payment calculation due to discrepancy in livestock descriptions in 1-LDAP (Rev 1) Para 402A

Specific definitions are provided for adult and non adult beef that excludes calves that are nursing their mothers during an eligible drought (ie a pair).  The sheep definition makes no distinction on age or weight categories similar to beef.  Guidance has been provided to COF that all sheep (including lambs that are still nursing) should be counted as separate animal units for LFP purposes.  However, the CFR states that no charge shall be made for animals under 6 months of age, at the time of entering public lands, or other lands administered by the BLM that are the natural progeny of animals upon which fees are paid, provided the will not become 12 months of age during the authorized period of use, nor for progeny born during that period.

Add language that states adolescent livestock (all types) are not eligible for payment for LFP purposes because they are considered in the animal unit calculation of the mother, which is eligible for payment under LFP.

Thank you for the suggestion.  We are aware of the issue and are looking into it for the 2018 program year.