Programs Submission Response: TAP Cost Share Extensions

1-TAP, para 153 B requires approved replacement practices be completed within 12 months.  The STC may approve one extension up to one year.

Tree nurseries do not propagate stock on speculation.  Trees must be ordered several years in advance to insure the desired combination of variety and rootstock suitable for a grower’s individual conditions and market.  For example, a case in the northeast area forced an apple producer to purchase dwarf apple trees they would not have purchased to plant within the two year time limit.  The loss occurred in 2004, planting was required to be completed by 2006.  Eleven years after re-planting, the block will be cut down by the producer due to poor performance.  The time limitation ended up hurting the producer instead of helping recover from the initial tree loss.

Allow STCs to make an additional year extension, with documentation of an order and delivery date for the nursery stock.  This would give producers up to three years for delivery of the desired stock, if needed.

DAFP policy regarding practice extensions is as stated in the TAP regulations (1416.407) and 1-TAP Handbook procedure (Par. 153).  Any individual case that the STC believes to have merit beyond the extended period would have to be sent in to DAFP for individual consideration.