Program Submission Response: MIDAS Associated County


Adding Associated County in MIDAS when there is only 1 county.


When adding a new customer into MIDAS profile one of the steps is to add a new customer’s Program Participation and then their Associated Counties. However, in an effort to be more efficient, when there is only 1 county, when the employee hits SAVE that Associated County should automatically update to the 1 county listed in Program Participation. If there is more than 1 county the MIDAS User should get a red stop to select a county. Making this selection automatic would make the MIDAS User more efficient and save time when adding a customer.


Software update to make Associated County automatically update when SAVE is clicked when there is only 1 county involved.


Thank you for taking the time to share NASCOE’s recommendation with us. We will take this idea into consideration and work with the development team to discuss the possibility of implementing the enhancement.

As you probably know, COF users can be assigned to more than one county within a service center, so having the software automatically populate the customer’s Associated County based on the employee’s assigned would require a system suggestion to the user…rather than an automated assignment.

We will discuss and let you know if we are able to add it to the investment plan.

Thanks again for the recommendation!