NASCOE Programs Response: Payment Limitation interfacing with CARS Data


Business File software currently is unable / unwilling to read producer shares from CARS software.


Other applications (i.e. for MFP) are able to read the shares, and so should Business File. Typos could be reduced on the 902, reducing problems with IPIA.


Program the software for Business File to read producer shares from CARS.

D.C. / KCMO Response:

Thank you for the proposal. We are always open to ideas for making the processes work better for COF’s to administer FSA’s programs including determining a producer’s payment limitation and payment eligibility. The following is my perspective on the issue.

Currently, the CCC-902 is the form used for collecting information about a farming operation’s land contribution and begins by automatically retrieving the basic farm interests from FRS for all tracts of land associated with the producer who is completing the farm operating plan. FRS is current, and up-to-date, with a producer’s farm interests as reported to FSA and any subsequent changes in a producer’s farm interest are reported to FSA and immediately recorded in FRS.

A producer, who becomes a program applicant, is further required to report detailed information on a Farm Operating Plan relative to the lease agreement (cash, share or AUM), number of acres associated with a lease, whether the producer had interest in the land in the prior year and the names of the producers who the land is leased to or from. This data collection is required on the CCC-902 to ensure an accurate determination for applying substantive change rules, and identifying the significant contributions for determining eligibility with actively engaged in farming and cash rent tenant provisions.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to rely on a producer’s acreage report to collect all the necessary information for a producer’s farming interests to make the determinations mentioned above. As you can imagine, it would be unconventional to rely on the acreage report when it is filed later in the program year or may not be filed at all in some situations. Furthermore, the acreage report does not collect the lease information necessary to populate a CCC-902 used to make the required payment limitation and payment eligibility determinations.

At the current time, FRS is best source for collecting all of a producer’s farming interests and then populating the lease information for each tract in Business File when the producer becomes a program applicant.