NASCOE Program Response: Common Programs / Farm Records / Transfers


FSA-578 & FSA-578C is retained when OP/OW/OT is removed from farm


When a producer is removed from farm the interest they had via the FSA-578 and the  FSA-578C is retained  and will roll to next year..  


When producer is removed from farm, all 578/578C interest is also removed.

(NOTE: The system used to terminate ALL FSA-578C’s when a OP or OT was removed. COF’s could run the terminated FSA-578C to catch these and make the appropriate changes to the FSA-578 and FSA-578C.)

WDC Response:

When producer is removed, the continuous certification is terminated, however the crop will remain certified as CARS currently require shares to equal 100 percent.  In such cases, if counties are experiencing issue where the continuous election is not being terminated please submit it through the CARS issues SharePoint site for review.