NASCOE Program Submission: Common Programs / Farm Records / Recons / Transfers


2-CP requires a hard map with crops certified to accompany the 578. 2-CP, Paragraph 340 allows you to use Cars maps when Citrix is down. We are finding Citrix down more often than not and printing delays are great running from remote servers. We would like to use cars maps more often, but often you cannot see the field numbers due to the zoom level. With the 578 being the heart of most of our programs, we need our acreage reporting tools to be as user friendly as possible.


We are having to use a combination of MIDAS, maps that you cannot read the field number on or the citrix software with workarounds to certify farms. It is creating huge time delays in certifying farms. If a COR was to review the map, it would be difficult to pass a COR review of marking every field with required information.


Have CARS Maps being able to change the zoom level of maps, so that labels fit inside of fields. Perhaps rotate the page orientation, so there is also more printing area. The other solution would be to run the required fixes on Citrix, so we can get legible maps printed out of Citrix.

WDC Response: 

This is a very valid concern and I will be include this suggestion on our IT Investment List for discussion and consideration.  Your feedback is very much appreciated.   Thank you and have a great day!