NASCOE Program Submission Response: CARS & FSA-578s


It would be extremely helpful to the county office if we could have a section on the 578 that lists the Producer’s share of the acres.  For example, John Doe has 2 farms, Farm 1 @ 100 acres and it is 100% his.  Farm 2 @ 250 acres, but it is on a 50/50 share.  This year, John Doe plants all of his acres to corn.  On the 578 it lists 350 acres of corn.  But John’s share is 225 acres. 


I’m not sure if there are any facts other than CARS does not generate a report or 578 that lists the producer’s share of the acres he/she farms.  But MFP and other programs are calculating the producer’s share of the acres. 


Update CARS to have a report of the producer’s share of the acres by crop he/she farms and list the producer’s share of the acres by crop on the FSA-578. 

WDC Response:

I believe this can be accomplish using the EDW producer crop detail report.  This is not a canned report so the user will need to export the data and query information for the specific producer.