NASCOE Program Submission Response: Continuous Acreage Certification


To obtain the FSA-578C Continuous Certification form in CARS, an acreage report must be certified before the form can be printed.


According to 2-CP par 35, continuous acreage certification was developed to streamline the acreage reporting process and reduce producer visits to the County Office as well as reduce network congestion.  A lot of times, acreage reports are taken over the phone and printed for when the producer stops by to sign.  In order to get the 578C continuous coverage form that goes with the acreage report, some County Offices are certifying the acreage report, printing the form, then removing the certification dates after the form has been obtained.  In doing this, incorrect dates could potentially be entered back into the system.  A blank form can also be obtained from the FSA forms site but County Office staff must input all pertinent information when all of this information is already located in CARS. 

In doing this, it is only an attempt to provide the best customer service to our producers.


Remove the mandatory certification date in CARS in order to obtain the FSA-578C.  The producer is not signing up for continuous certification until they mark “Yes” in the boxes on the 578C and sign.

WDC Response: 

Policy requires at least one field of the crop, type, and intended use to be certified.  Because of this CARS requires the certification in order to obtain the FSA-578C.  I will work with policy to see if this functionality can be changed to not tie the printing of the FSA-578C to the continuous signature date.