A New Benefit for NASCOE Members!

Dear Members of NASCOE,

In our continual dedicated efforts to always serve our members with maximum value we are excited to announce that we have just partnered with LiveStreamingFitness.com as our “official” online healthy lifestyle resource!

Why did we do this? Because you and your family matter to us! We believe that every one of you should have affordable access to resources like fitness, nutrition and cooking to serve you and your family in living your healthiest life. LiveStreamingFitness.com is an on-line healthy lifestyle platform that includes live streaming and on demand fitness, nutrition and cooking shows available 24/7 in a safe and interactive community of professionals and individuals promoting the best version of a healthy you.

On top of that, WE NEGOTIATED ON YOUR BEHALF…a membership like this normally costs $99 per year. For only $49 per year, with your NASCOE promo code**, you will have full access to these amazing resources! Also, get EXTRA FREE MONTHS if you hurry and enroll before December 1st; your membership will be valid through the entirety of 2020!

**Get the NASCOE Program Code from your state Benefits Chair

Check out the information below to enroll and let’s get started living our healthiest lives together!