NASCOE “Touch Card” On-The-Way!

June 2021

Dear County Office Employees,

In the coming days, each county office will be receiving an inaugural NASCOE “touch card” explaining the history of NASCOE and the advantages of becoming a member of NASCOE.   This informative card will enable our co-workers to better understand NASCOE and the role it plays in representing all county office employees.  Development of the touch card was a collaborative effort of the NASCOE Membership Work Group.  This group was comprised of PT’s and CED’s from around the nation. 

Along with the touch card, you will receive a letter from NASCOE President, Brandon Wilson.  We encourage you and your co-workers to take a look at both the touch card and the letter from President Wilson.  The touch cards are a great way to engage in conversation about NASCOE and the voice it provides for our co-workers both on the local and national level.

If you would like further information about NASCOE or joining NASCOE, please contact your state association leadership or visit the NASCOE website at

Thank you for all you do in serving your producers and your FSA Family.