Fall 2019 NASCOE Newsletter Now Available

Part of NASCOE’s publicity strategy is to publish four newsletters over the course of the year. The Fall 2019 NASCOE Newsletter is now available for our members. You may view the NASCOE Newsletter below, or download a copy to share with your co-workers.

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NASCOE Legislative Flash – Senate Vote on Continuing Resolution

Continuing Resolution Senate Vote
Hunter Moorhead, Legislative Consultant
November 21, 2019

By vote of 74-20, The U.S. Senate today passed a short-term measure to fund the government until December 20th, buying Washington four more weeks before the threat of another shutdown.  The White House has indicated that President Trump will sign the continuing resolution. 

Since the House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate have both passed their versions of the Agriculture Appropriations bill, we are hopeful the two draft measures will be finalized in conference prior to the December 20th deadline. 

The NASCOE Legislative Team will continue to monitor the appropriations bill and keep the membership informed of any progress.

NASCOE Legislative Flash Update – November 19, 2019

Continuing Resolution Vote and NASCOE Preparations
Hunter Moorhead, Legislative Consultant
November 19, 2019

By a vote of 231 to 192, the House of Representatives today passed the continuing resolution to keep the government open through December 20, 2019.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said in a floor statement today that the Senate will pass the continuing resolution and President Trump will sign it.

The Leader also mentioned that talks continue regarding completion of the fiscal year 2020 appropriations bills.  As a reminder, the House of Representatives and U.S. Senate have both passed the Agriculture Appropriations bill.  We are hopeful the two draft measures will be finalized before the December 20 deadline.

Although we have no indication a government shutdown is anticipated, Chris Lary, National Benefits/Emblems Chair, has been taking a proactive role to prepare in case there were to be a furlough.  Many employees have been contacted regarding what worked well last time and what didn’t work so well.  She has complied information in order to help mitigate the impact of a furlough.

The employee checklist for furlough has been reviewed, web links have been viewed and verified and NASCOE is prepared should the need arise to get membership information to assist them.

Please make sure your State President has your current home email address so that you will receive this information timely.

Convention Hotel Reservations Now Open!

Reservations can now be made for the 61st NASCOE Convention in Savannah, Georgia, to be held on August 8 to 13, 2020. The Convention will be held at the Hyatt Regency on River Street in Savannah.

The link to make your hotel reservations is:

The room rate is $116.00

We will kick off the convention on Saturday, August 8th with tours taking place on Sunday, August 9th. The meetings will start on Monday and continue through Wednesday. The banquet will be held on Wednesday evening.

Registration for the convention is still in the works, but we wanted everyone to have a chance to go ahead and reserve a room.

A New Benefit for NASCOE Members!

Dear Members of NASCOE,

In our continual dedicated efforts to always serve our members with maximum value we are excited to announce that we have just partnered with LiveStreamingFitness.com as our “official” online healthy lifestyle resource!

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Congressional Agricultural Hearings — October 28, 2019

FSA County Office Employees are facing challenging times.  You are administering more programs from various software platforms than ever before.  You face these challenges head on each day with fewer employees than we have ever had.  NASCOE understands you are struggling to meet the daily demands of providing an ever-increasing array of programs while maintaining the same quality of service your customers expect and deserve.

Your NASCOE team has worked diligently with the FSA Administration to increase staffing in field offices.  We supported the development of a work measurement tool to support our case for additional staffing, however the administration continues to withhold the full results of the workload model.  Members of Congress have also requested on multiple occasions and been denied this information from the Department.

NASCOE continues to work with concerned members of Congress to provide additional funding for FSA salaries and expenses.  Congress has responded and provided their support.  They are concerned about the American Farmers who depend on you to deliver the farm programs passed by Congress to help keep rural America strong.  Due to these concerns, both Houses of Congress have recently held hearings on the 2018 Farm Bill Implementation.  They have asked the tough questions regarding FSA county offices being properly staffed so employees have the ability to administer these farm programs.

On September 19, 2019, Under Secretary Bill Northey testified at a joint House hearing of the General Farm Commodities and Risk Management Subcommittee and Livestock and Foreign Agriculture Subcommittee to Review the Implementation of Federal Farm and Disaster Programs. You can view the hearing by clicking on the following link.

The hearing is 3 hours long so you may want to skip ahead to the following points indicated below to hear the items that best reflect the issues that NASCOE has been working closely with members of the House on:

1:06 – Congressman Peterson – Staffing concerns and part time offices

1:12 – Congressman Conway – 2018 Farm Bill implementation

1:15 – Congressman Peterson – Employment application process

On October 17th, Deputy Secretary Censky provided testimony and answered questions at a hearing held by the Senate Agriculture, Nutrition and Forestry Committee on implementation of the 2018 Farm Bill.  Below is a link to the page where you can watch this hearing.

Implementing the 2018 Farm Bill | The United States Senate Committee On Agriculture, Nutrition & Forestry

You may want to skip to the following times which highlight the committees concerns about the status of FSA staffing:

0:36 – Senator Hoeven – FSA office staffing

1:21 – Senator Hyde Smith – Asks questions concerning the current law prohibiting the closure of any FSA county office without prior congressional approval, and prohibiting the relocation of any staff that results in an office with two or fewer employees

FSA programs are discussed at various points throughout both hearings.  Please take time to look at the clips from the hearings to see how NASCOE and Congress are working together to address these concerns with USDA.  We believe you will find that Congress is very aware of the lack of hiring going on in FSA across the nation.  You will also see how much Congress appreciates the work that our members do for American agriculture in county offices across this nation each day.

NASCOE Program Submission Response: CARS


When adding acreage information when in the bulk copy setting, you have the ability to select a field number that has the acreage already reported on it.


Being able to select a field that has already been information on it causes an error message to appear after you have tried to add the bulk copy, but will only tell you one field at a time that has already been completed(if you have multiple fields that have already been completed in the review screen, it will only show one field at a time that needs to be changed). This causes more time being taken to remove the field that already has information on it.


I think it would be very beneficial to have an error message that states all the fields that have the crop information already on them and see if you want to continue or cancel the submission.

WDC Response: 

I will add this to the list of IT enhancements for consideration.

NASCOE Program Submission Response: CARS & FSA-578s


It would be extremely helpful to the county office if we could have a section on the 578 that lists the Producer’s share of the acres.  For example, John Doe has 2 farms, Farm 1 @ 100 acres and it is 100% his.  Farm 2 @ 250 acres, but it is on a 50/50 share.  This year, John Doe plants all of his acres to corn.  On the 578 it lists 350 acres of corn.  But John’s share is 225 acres. 


I’m not sure if there are any facts other than CARS does not generate a report or 578 that lists the producer’s share of the acres he/she farms.  But MFP and other programs are calculating the producer’s share of the acres. 


Update CARS to have a report of the producer’s share of the acres by crop he/she farms and list the producer’s share of the acres by crop on the FSA-578. 

WDC Response:

I believe this can be accomplish using the EDW producer crop detail report.  This is not a canned report so the user will need to export the data and query information for the specific producer.

NASCOE Program Submission Response: Continuous Acreage Certification


To obtain the FSA-578C Continuous Certification form in CARS, an acreage report must be certified before the form can be printed.


According to 2-CP par 35, continuous acreage certification was developed to streamline the acreage reporting process and reduce producer visits to the County Office as well as reduce network congestion.  A lot of times, acreage reports are taken over the phone and printed for when the producer stops by to sign.  In order to get the 578C continuous coverage form that goes with the acreage report, some County Offices are certifying the acreage report, printing the form, then removing the certification dates after the form has been obtained.  In doing this, incorrect dates could potentially be entered back into the system.  A blank form can also be obtained from the FSA forms site but County Office staff must input all pertinent information when all of this information is already located in CARS. 

In doing this, it is only an attempt to provide the best customer service to our producers.


Remove the mandatory certification date in CARS in order to obtain the FSA-578C.  The producer is not signing up for continuous certification until they mark “Yes” in the boxes on the 578C and sign.

WDC Response: 

Policy requires at least one field of the crop, type, and intended use to be certified.  Because of this CARS requires the certification in order to obtain the FSA-578C.  I will work with policy to see if this functionality can be changed to not tie the printing of the FSA-578C to the continuous signature date.