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Dillard Financial Solutions

Dillard Financial Solutions is the official benefits provider for NASCOE.  NASCOE members are eligible to receive free one-on-one retirement and benefits analysis to assist with long-term financial planning.  DFS also offers numerous retirement and insurance products to meet the needs of NASCOE members.

NASCOE members should email  with questions for Dillard Financial Solutions or for follow up with any Dillard representative.

Dillard Financial Solutions is here for you in troubled times.

For more information, please visit:
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A Letter to NASCOE Members
We Educate and Assist NASCOE Members
Complimentary Educational Workshops
Information for Retiring Members, or Members 59 1/2 yrs Old or Older

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Dillard Financial Services
Feedback Portal

Let us know about your experience(s) with Dillard Financial Services.  We have set up a portal where you can provide your feedback to NASCOE leadership.

Dillard Financial Services Feedback Submission

Working Advantage Employee Discount Program
Please contact your state benefits chair for login information

Live Streaming Fitness

FEDS: Professional Liability Insurance

Federal Employee Defense Services (FEDS) provides Professional Liability Insurance for supervisors. CED’s and Program Technicians-In-Charge are considered supervisor positions by the agency, and therefore, are eligible for reimbursement of 50 percent the annual cost of professional liability insurance premium cost.

As supervisors, your judgement calls will be scrutinized with 20/20 hindsight. Whether you are on the front lines of a crisis or you are providing other essential services, products, oversight or protection, you will be examined. As part of your duties, you will make decisions, take actions, take inaction, devise telework directives, etc. These choices will come under scrutiny when finger pointing and calls for accountability begin. This is especially true as County Office managers make decisions related to new programs that are rushed to be implemented or decisions related to COVID-19. FEDS have defended your coworkers in the past and they will now be here for County Office managers as well.

Applying is easy, simply go to NASCOE members can receive a promotional code to receive a discount on this product.

Contact National Benefits Chair, Chris Lary, for information to receive the promotional code for the discount.

Allstate Identity Protection Pro

In our continued efforts to provide valuable benefits, we have partnered with Allstate Identity Protection to bring you Allstate Identity Protection Pro. 

Your identity is made up of more than your Social Security number and credit score. That’s why they do more than monitor your credit reports. They help you look after your online activity, from financial transactions to what you share on social media — so you can protect the trail of data you leave behind.

Introducing the next evolution in identity protection. For over 85 years, they’ve been protecting what matters most. Now they’re providing protection from a wide range of identity threats, so you can keep loving what technology adds to your life.

NASCOE members can receive identity theft protection for $7.95 per person / month or $13.95 per family / month.

With Allstate Identity Protection Pro you’ll be able to

  • Check your identity health score
  • View and manage alerts in real time
  • Monitor your TransUnion credit score and report for fraud
  • Receive alerts for cash withdrawals, balance transfers, and large purchases
  • Get reimbursed in the event of fraud with our $1 million identity theft insurance policy

Protect yourself and your family (everyone that’s “under your roof and wallet”).

Members who would like to enroll in coverage through payroll deduction, can simply call Benefits Direct to speak with a benefit counselor at (877) 523-0176.

AirMedCare Group Discount

*Updated June 2018*
AirMedCare Contract

NASCOE Employee Relations Services

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