NASCOE Program Submission: Common Programs / Farm Records / Recons / Transfers


2-CP requires a hard map with crops certified to accompany the 578. 2-CP, Paragraph 340 allows you to use Cars maps when Citrix is down. We are finding Citrix down more often than not and printing delays are great running from remote servers. We would like to use cars maps more often, but often you cannot see the field numbers due to the zoom level. With the 578 being the heart of most of our programs, we need our acreage reporting tools to be as user friendly as possible.


We are having to use a combination of MIDAS, maps that you cannot read the field number on or the citrix software with workarounds to certify farms. It is creating huge time delays in certifying farms. If a COR was to review the map, it would be difficult to pass a COR review of marking every field with required information.


Have CARS Maps being able to change the zoom level of maps, so that labels fit inside of fields. Perhaps rotate the page orientation, so there is also more printing area. The other solution would be to run the required fixes on Citrix, so we can get legible maps printed out of Citrix.

WDC Response: 

This is a very valid concern and I will be include this suggestion on our IT Investment List for discussion and consideration.  Your feedback is very much appreciated.   Thank you and have a great day!

NASCOE Program Response: Common Programs / Farm Records / Transfers


FSA-578 & FSA-578C is retained when OP/OW/OT is removed from farm


When a producer is removed from farm the interest they had via the FSA-578 and the  FSA-578C is retained  and will roll to next year..  


When producer is removed from farm, all 578/578C interest is also removed.

(NOTE: The system used to terminate ALL FSA-578C’s when a OP or OT was removed. COF’s could run the terminated FSA-578C to catch these and make the appropriate changes to the FSA-578 and FSA-578C.)

WDC Response:

When producer is removed, the continuous certification is terminated, however the crop will remain certified as CARS currently require shares to equal 100 percent.  In such cases, if counties are experiencing issue where the continuous election is not being terminated please submit it through the CARS issues SharePoint site for review.

NASCOE Programs Response: Payment Limitation interfacing with CARS Data


Business File software currently is unable / unwilling to read producer shares from CARS software.


Other applications (i.e. for MFP) are able to read the shares, and so should Business File. Typos could be reduced on the 902, reducing problems with IPIA.


Program the software for Business File to read producer shares from CARS.

D.C. / KCMO Response:

Thank you for the proposal. We are always open to ideas for making the processes work better for COF’s to administer FSA’s programs including determining a producer’s payment limitation and payment eligibility. The following is my perspective on the issue.

Currently, the CCC-902 is the form used for collecting information about a farming operation’s land contribution and begins by automatically retrieving the basic farm interests from FRS for all tracts of land associated with the producer who is completing the farm operating plan. FRS is current, and up-to-date, with a producer’s farm interests as reported to FSA and any subsequent changes in a producer’s farm interest are reported to FSA and immediately recorded in FRS.

A producer, who becomes a program applicant, is further required to report detailed information on a Farm Operating Plan relative to the lease agreement (cash, share or AUM), number of acres associated with a lease, whether the producer had interest in the land in the prior year and the names of the producers who the land is leased to or from. This data collection is required on the CCC-902 to ensure an accurate determination for applying substantive change rules, and identifying the significant contributions for determining eligibility with actively engaged in farming and cash rent tenant provisions.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to rely on a producer’s acreage report to collect all the necessary information for a producer’s farming interests to make the determinations mentioned above. As you can imagine, it would be unconventional to rely on the acreage report when it is filed later in the program year or may not be filed at all in some situations. Furthermore, the acreage report does not collect the lease information necessary to populate a CCC-902 used to make the required payment limitation and payment eligibility determinations.

At the current time, FRS is best source for collecting all of a producer’s farming interests and then populating the lease information for each tract in Business File when the producer becomes a program applicant.

Continuing Appropriations Act, 2020 Hunter Moorehead, Legislative Consultant

Continuing Appropriations Act, 2020
Hunter Moorehead, Legislative Consultant

The House of Representatives and U.S. Senate approved legislation funding the government at current levels through November 21. This allows our employees to continue working without any lapse of federal appropriations.

The bill includes language allowing the Secretary of Agriculture to continue disbursing Commodity Credit Corporation funds for the Market Facilitation Program. This will ensure farmers continue to receive financial assistance.

Our legislative committee is working to educate legislators about the need for additional salaries and expenses funding for the next fiscal year. In addition, Members of Congress continue to highlight FSA’s field office staffing needs and the inability to adequately deliver farm programs.

The agency has completed the new workload analysis and our farmers deserve better customer service. We believe field office staff numbers are short over 2,000 FTEs. The time has come for the USDA to give us the tools necessary to deliver farm programs.

NASCOE Program Submission Response: Farm Payment Reduction Report


Farm Payment Reduction Report


On the Farm Payment Reduction Report, under the ARC-PLC FAV Payment reductions menu, after entering your FAV reductions for each farm, in order to print the Farm Payment Reduction Report for each farm, you have to enter each farm number and print one at a time


Please make it like the Notification letters in the ARC-PLC FAV Payment Reductions (FPR), where you can print ALL at one time, instead of having to enter each farm # and print the report one at a time

WDC Response:

Sounds like a great idea. We will put it on our list of enhancements. Just an FYI, as with most everything, cost is an issue.

Programs Response: AD-2017 for SCIMS Access

The AD-2017 will no longer be required for FSA employees requesting access to SCIMS. Instead, SCIMS access will automatically be assigned for all FSA employees (permanent and temporary) with any position selected on the FSA-13A. There is no specific EAS Role or position that is required to be selected on the FSA-13A. As a reminder, SCIMS is view-only for all users.

NRCS employees will continue to us the AD-2017 form as necessary to request access to SCIMS.

11-CM handbook amendment 3 will be posted in the next few weeks, and will include this information.

2020 Appropriations Update

2020 Appropriations Update
September 11, 2019
Hunter Moorhead, Legislative Consultant

On June 25th, the full House voted 227-194 to approve the fiscal year 2020 Agriculture appropriations bill which included an increase in FSA salaries and expenses of 3.8 % or $ 41 million. The Senate has yet to act on any 2020 appropriation measures. Due to this lack of progress, the House is planning to move a continuing resolution next week that will run through November 21st or 22nd, or through December 6th. It appears November 21st or 22nd will the most likely choice, but we are told the decision has not been made yet. At this time, we do not expect that the government will face another shutdown. With an election year coming up, we do not feel that anyone in Congress will have the stomach to add this as an issue for voters to take sides on.

The Senate planned on moving 4 bills this week through subcommittee and full committee appropriations. Democrats met Monday night, and decided they wanted to push back on anticipated allocations in domestic discretionary as well as on some issues important to their base (border wall restrictions, abortion/title X, etc.). There is a divide between members who want to work with the majority and address their concerns through the process (in conference) and those who want to begin fighting on every appropriations bill immediately.

Senate Majority Leader McConnell reiterated on the Sunday news programs his intention is to only pass appropriations bills in the Senate acceptable to the President.

The plan had been to mark up four bills this week (DoD, E&W, LHHS, SFO), four next (Ag, FS, MilCon/VA, THUD), and four the following week (CJS, DHS, Interior, Leg Branch). Chairman Shelby and Senate Republican Leadership hoped to have the first four bills on the Senate floor next week (9/16-9/20). Absent some agreement between Chairman Shelby, Ranking Member Leahy and Senate Leadership, the FY 2020 appropriations schedule appears to be moving further down the calendar.

NASCOE fully understands that our members will have concerns, especially considering the events last year. We will continue to closely monitor the appropriations process and will keep membership apprised as new developments arise.

Photos of NASCOE Legislative Co-Chairs Clint Bain and Neil Burnette.

Convention Photos Now Available!

NASCOE implemented a new Convention Photo policy in 2018.  The photography from the 60th NASCOE Convention in Manhattan, Kansas is now available for download by attendees at no charge.  You may download a single image, or as many images as you would like.

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The convention photography will be available for download until November 30, 2019.

Please contact NASCOE Publicity Chair, Teresa Holmquist with any questions on this process.

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Program Submission Reponse: LIP Application Update

The LIP application under Part E, F, and G show examples for documentation and insert numbers on the right hand side in bold, which is misleading because it looks those numbers represent the applicant’s numbers.

The Example inserts numbers in the application that are misleading and can be easily confused as the producer’s provided numbers.

Keep the example of the documentation but remove the numbers.

I completely agree with the suggestion 1 regarding LIP.  I will see what I can do to remove the numbers from the example.