2020-2021 NASCOE Annual Report Released

NASCOE’s By-Laws dictate the Secretary shall keep an accurate record of all transactions of the Association, including minutes of all meetings of the Board of Directors and Executive Committee. The By-Laws also state that the Secretary shall give an annual report to the Association.  NASCOE’s Executive Policies state the Secretary’s Report should contain information pertinent to the NASCOE year, including but not limited to: a list of Officers, Executive Committee, National Chairs, and Board of Directors; material and financial assets of the association; Negotiation Items; budget information; and Executive Committee minutes. Additionally any changes to NASCOE’s Constitution and By-Laws, the NASCOE Travel Policy, the Executive Committee Policies, or other major revisions of policies or procedure should be included. The Executive Policies also state that the Report is to be posted on the NASCOE website.  The 2020-2021 Annual Report has been compiled according to policy and formatted similarly to recent years.

2021 NASCOE Annual Report
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Negotiations: Your idea could be NASCOE’s next major win!

NASCOE’s labor management agreement states that NASCOE has exclusive rights to represent County Employees in negotiations with management and USDA. Once a year the NASCOE Executive Committee, along with consultants from each area, take your submissions (after scrubbing your PII) straight to Washington D.C. where we sit down with DAFO, DAFP, Program Specialists, Budget specialists, and anybody else that might be needed to consult on these topics. These meetings are formal but productive, and they have yielded some very successful and tangible results.

Many of you know that the Key PT positions was the result of NASCOE negotiations with FSA. The Leadership Excellence program for PTs and CED’s getting FSFL loan recommendation authority are also both great examples of FSA leadership not only listening to your suggestions but implementing them. NASCOE also regularly submits items concerning shared management, performance, WebTA codes, and so much more.

Negotiations are your voice to FSA and USDA and they can be a powerful benefit for membership. We are busier than ever implementing the Farm Bill, Trade Programs, and Disaster Programs. I am confident that we out in the field have some really great ideas on how to be more efficiently and effectively deliver these programs. Let NASCOE help you get them up to leadership.

As you know, 2020 has been an atypical year. We are still working with DAFO on the 2020 Negotiation session and hope to get resolution on those items soon. We know there were a lot of important submissions that our members need action on as soon as possible and we’re committed to that goal. However, we are also moving forward with 2021 Negotiations with the expectation our timeframes and processes will be more inline with traditional years. We have already collected many great ideas and there is still time for you to send in your concerns and suggestions. You can send in items through your area consultant or directly from the submission form on the NASCOE website. The Deadline for submissions is December 1st, so please get those sent in soon! Your idea could be next major NASCOE win!