Program Submission Response: Conservation User Guides


Field offices spend a lot of time trying to locate procedure and instructions found in user guides and program guides that have not been incorporated into a particular handbook.  For example, COLS and CCMS. Some of these user guides also need to be updated to reflect software that is currently in use.


Most guides are located on various sharepoint sites and are extremely difficult to locate.  It is also difficult to determine if the guides are current.


Since handbooks and notices are now stored in electronic format, searching for this information could be much quicker if it were stored on the same page as access to handbooks.  Eliminating excessive searching, and having current versions of user guides will result in field personnel performing their jobs more timely and with greater confidence.


The current software user guides for all Conservation Systems are all located here:

We are working towards putting all of this documentation into FSA Handbook format that will be located on the handbooks website when completed.

Program Submission Response: COLS Search Enhancement


New GIS Offer (Search by Tract Option Needed)


All CRP offers are placed by Tract Number.

When placing a new offer for CRP there are a number of steps. One that would simplify the process would be to add a Tract Search on the New GIS Offer screen. Currently, offers are not removed from the signup list. They start out in Farm Number Order then Tract, but then the numbers randomly change. The data within a signup is not sorted in an ascending order. Therefore it is a constant scroll and search, which wastes time.


It would be much more efficient method to include a Tract Number Search when selecting the State/County/Signup.

If a search is not a viable option, at least update the listing for the signup to be sorted by ascending Tract Number.


This will be added to the enhancement list and we will see what we can do.  COLS is slated for a redesign in a couple years and we had already identified this as a pain point needing fixed.  Whether or not I can get it in before the redesign will be up to management and funding allocations.