Programs Submission Response: CLPS Enhancements

In the CLPS software, when the CCC-500 repayment receipt prints, it will always contain a minimum of 2 & sometimes more pages. None of the pages after page one contain the producer name, state and county name or codes, crop year, or loan number.

It would be helpful for all pages of the CCC-500 repayment receipt in CLPS to have identification on the top of each page of the receipt that contains a minimum of the producer name, state and county name or codes, crop year, and loan number.

Make available the following on each page of the CCC-500 repayment receipt:

  • Producer Name
  • State & County Names (or Codes)
  • Crop Year
  • Loan Number

WDC Specialist stated that the enhancement did not appear to be a difficult request. It will be passed on to developers to get on the list of enhancements for CLPS. We were not promised a timeframe, however they will try to get it on the upcoming release.

With the release of 2016 MAL availability, software automatically defaults to 2016.

When you access CLPS is will automatically default to 2016. If you are repaying a 2015 loan then on every loan you must again select the 2015 crop year before processing repayment. Selecting and changing the crop year on each loan repayment can be time consuming.

It would be helpful to pattern CLPS software after CARS software where once you select the crop year, software remains in that crop year until you log off or until you change the crop year manually yourself.

WDC Specialist stated that the suggestion has been sent to the software developer.

Programs Submission Response: MAL/LDP

When processing a MAL in CLPS you have to record information about disbursements before it is known whether you need a joint payment or not. This information is not known until the lien waivers come back. Once office has had to correct 4 loans due to this.

If feels as if “Disbursements” is required by the software too soon. You do not know if you need a joint payment until the lien waivers come back. Without the lien waivers, you don’t know if it needs to be a joint payment or direct deposit to the producer. This means the CO is guessing about the step in some cases.

Could the process be reviewed to accommodate loading the disbursement issue later in the process by restructuring the order of required information in CLIPS?

Thanks for you the suggestion. I have added it to our list of future enhancements.