Distinguished Service Awards and Scholarships Deadline is Approaching

January 13, 2021

The NASCOE Distinguished Service Awards and Scholarship deadline is approaching on January 15, 2021 at 11:59 pm Eastern Time. The Awards and Scholarship Committee would like to encourage you to get your submissions in today!

The Distinguished Service Award is designed to recognize your fellow NASCOE members for their hard work in the Community, in FSA/Ag or for NASCOE. Even if the nomination is not selected to be an area or national winner, it is still an honor to be recognized by a fellow member. After deadlines, Ad Hoc programs, and new producers in 2020, fellow FSA collogues could all use a boost in recognition for their hard work.

Do you, your spouse, child or grandchild have plans on attending post-secondary education this coming fall? The NASCOE scholarship program is designed to assist members and their families attend college. There are six different categories for applicants and awards at both the area and national level. Also, check with your state association. Many state associations use the NASCOE scholarship application for state scholarships.

To nominate for Distinguished Service Awards or apply for scholarships, please go to https://nascoe.org/awards-scholarships/awards-scholarship-applications/. Any questions may be directed to , or through your area Awards and Scholarship Chair.

2021 Distinguished Service Awards and Scholarships Deadline

NASCOE is proud to offer its membership awards in the form of education scholarships and recognition for service to others.  Receiving a scholarship or recognition for selfless dedication to causes can be both encouraging and rewarding.  Those who are eligible or know someone who is eligible for awards and scholarships should investigate what NASCOE has to offer.

NASCOE’s Scholarship Program is available to NASCOE members, spouses of members, children of members and grandchildren of members.  There are several scholarship categories including: traditional scholarship, continuing education scholarships, grandchildren scholarship and associate member scholarship.  Scholarships are awarded at the Area and National levels.  Some state associations also have scholarship programs.  Please contact your state association leadership for more information.

NASCOE members can nominate other members for Distinguished Service Awards (DSA’s) using the NASCOE application online.  Members can be recognized at the State, Area and National levels based on the nomination.  The Awards categories are: Service to NASCOE, Service to FSA-Agriculture and Service to Community.

For both Distinguished Service Awards & Scholarships, instructions for completing the online application process can be found at https://nascoe.org/awards-scholarships/.  Before applying, applicants should read the “Awards and Scholarship Handbook”.  This handbook contains specific details about scholarship eligibility and dollar amounts awarded.    

The applications are completely online. Members have the option of starting the application and saving it to work on at a later date by using the save button on the bottom of the application.  Distinguished Service Awards nominations and Scholarships are due on January 15, 2021.  

The Awards and Scholarship Committee has created new fact sheets, where members can go for quick questions and to find contact information.  Please navigate to https://nascoe.org/awards-scholarships/ for the fact sheets.   Any questions can be submitted through the National Chair, .

NASCOE Awards Fact Sheet

NASCOE Scholarships Fact Sheet

2020 Distinguished Service Awards, Sick Leave Awards and Scholarship Deadline

The NASCOE Distinguished Service Awards are designed to recognize fellow NASCOE members contributions to the Farm Service Agency/Agriculture, NASCOE and Community. The recognition of a nomination is a great way to boost morale in our very busy and often stressful work environment. We all get in the groove of doing our jobs and forget the impact that we make on others. The nomination process is as simple as going to https://nascoe.org/dsa-nomination/, and filling out the online application. The deadline is January 15, 2020.

NASCOE members take a great pride in providing assistance to American Farmers and Ranchers. Often, that means employees going to work when they do not feel well. In turn, employees often accumulate large amounts of sick leave. NASCOE has a process that will allow employees to self-certify sick leave in return for being recognized with a Sick Leave Award. Sick Leave Award increments are 1,000 hours, 1,500 hours, 2,000 hours, 2,500 hours, 3,000 hours and 3,500 hours. You may self-certify at https://nascoe.org/sick-leave-awards/ by January 15, 2020.

NASCOE also has scholarships available for members, children and grandchildren of members and Associate Members. The scholarship categories are funded at the following levels:

Area: $1,500
National: Additional $2,500 over 4 years

Open Continuing:
Area: $1,500
National: Additional $1,000

Member Continuing:
Area: $250
National: Additional $1,000

Adult Children:
Area: $125
National: Additional $250

Grand Children:
Area: $250
National: Additional $500

Area: $250
National: Additional $500 

Submitting a scholarship application is now one simple step at https://nascoe.org/awards-scholarships/nascoe-scholarship-application/. Make sure to have your current transcript and at least one letter of recommendation ready to upload. The deadline for scholarships is January 15, 2020.