Programs Submission Response: National Spot Check Survey

National Spot Check Survey

The list of program changes order each time a survey is completed by the user. This makes it very difficult to keep track of which surveys have been completed, especially when a large portion of them are simple “N/A”.

There should be a way to check all programs to which non applicable will be the answer. Preferably on the main menu program survey list, then the user must only enter the surveys that data actually exists for. The list of available surveys should also remain in the same order each time the main menu is accessed so that the user can just move down the list and enter data as necessary without having to keep a separate list of their own to remember which surveys have been completed.

It is agreed that changing order of surveys would be terribly frustrating. We are currently working with NASS to update the National Spot Check Surveys for 2017. We will discuss your recommendations with them to determine feasibility for the 2017 year or if the updates need to be delayed until 2018.